Good for you - good for us

Our 1% all-in fee can mean 30% more profit...

Let's be honest. Nobody wakes up one day and says "my dream is to be in multi-currency card payments". But when we looked around, we could see just how poorly companies are treated, especially when trading internationally.

And nobody seemed to care. While Stripe and PayPal are great solutions for start ups, it gets more expensive and less ideal the more you trade. And don’t get us started with the big players. Unless you're hitting numbers a small country would call GDP, forget about it. So we set about fixing it. Our dream is to help as many as possible to make more profit than ever before. Good for you. Good for us.

Your point of transaction is now the easiest place to save cost. A couple of points here and there doesn’t sound like much. But if your total margins are only 10%, you're feeding big chunks of your profits to the fat cats. Ask yourself this - should big payment service providers really share in your profits?

FXCDirect allows online businesses to accept card payments in multiple currencies at a fixed price of 1% (including all card processing fees), whilst removing the FX risk entirely.

If you are an online business that offers customers the option to pay for your goods or services in a currency of their choice, we can help. Using FXCDirect means you don’t need to run multiple currency accounts, worry about moving exchange rates or manage complex data and (expensive) accounting. With FXCDirect, you simply price in your local currency and money settles into your bank account as usual. 

We appreciate that if your business annually turns over millions in credit card sales a year you might feel you are going out on a limb by changing your payment provider. But special tech means you can run FXCDirect alongside and benefiting from our 1% fee.

We’re a full-service provider that operates in the same way as many of the big brand names you’ll be familiar with, like WorldPay, Adyen or Elavon.

As a full service provider we will of course review your domestic card processing fees. We're often able to make additional savings here too! 

Our 3 Core Values

    • We normally charge just 1% for the whole transaction.

    The operating environment for every business is different and when we crunch the numbers there may be an additional premium. However, even when that's factored in FXCDirect is still way cheaper than the alternatives.

    • No need to run multiple currency accounts and hedge currencies
    • Just price as normal, in your own currency
    • You can fix prices daily, weekly monthly or even yearly
    • We do all the complex stuff, so you don't need to.
    • Big banks don't care, you’re not big enough for them to spend time on
    • We know you just need to focus on growing your business
    • So, we help by focusing on growing THIS part of your business for you
    • We take the stress away and grow your profits at the same time
    • We believe every business deserves to ‘turn left’ on boarding.

Don't tell the big banks

We're changing payments for the better.
And we're starting with the cost.
With our 1% all-in fee, switching to FXCDirect can boost your profits.