FXCDirect solution is a multi-currency pricing solution, which is defined by Visa as:

"typically offered by ecommerce merchants when they assess the customer location and display the price of goods or services in the cardholder's domestic currency or in multiple currencies that the cardholder can select while continuing to have the option to pay in their home currency". For example, a Japanese customer browsing a UK based website with multi-currency pricing functionality may view prices in GBP or JPY. The customer may be given the option to pay in the currency of their choice.

We offer a 1% total transaction fee for all your multi-currency card payments, including interchange and scheme fees.

Yes, FXCDirect is a level 1 certified PCI Compliant payment gateway service. Our payment gateway connects into more than 140 global acquirers and hundreds of alternative payment methods across the globe. The FXCDirect multi currency pricing module is pre-integrated into our payment gateway and we are also able to work with a number of alternative payment gateways. Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Yes, the FXCDirect multi-currency payment service can work with any payment gateway. Please call us to see if we currently work with your payment gateway partner. If not, we'll get in touch with them and make the magic happen.

No, we are not a merchant acquirer. FXCDirect works in partnerships with multiple acquirer partners. To use the FXCDirect multi-currency card payment service, each customer must have a merchant account issued by one of our acquirer partners, so please get in touch to see if we work with your existing acquirer. If not, don't worry, simply complete our online application form and we'll take care of the rest.

The FXCDirect multi-currency card payment service works with multiple global merchant acquirers. Please call us for specific information on our current acquirer partners in your region.

Yes, of course we can. FXCDirect operates as a full service provider, meaning we are a payment gateway that has relationships with many processors and acquirers. With more than 20 years of global, cross border payments experience we’ve earned the trust of our acquirer partners and our proven delivery and buying power helps us secure rates that would normally only be available to the biggest online merchants. Use our concierge service and let us explore how much we can save on all your transactions.
No. Many of our clients have been using their existing payment service provider for several years and added FXCDirect as an alternative solution initially. This is normal practice. Most clients move a portion of their processing volumes initially and then switch more over, once they see the significant savings they are making. As an online business grows, it should always set up a backup provider - we believe everyone needs a plan B!

For the FXCDirect service, your contract will be between you and one of our selected acquiring partners. We provide our technology to them, allowing them to accept your transactions at the rate of 1%, and they are the link with the card schemes. If you also need access to the FXC payment gateway, you will need to sign a separate contract with us for this service.

Merchants with standard risk profiles will normally receive this rate. For higher risk merchants, your acquirer partner may add an extra charge to help offset their risk. The only other charge is a small payment gateway fee if you use the FXCPay payment gateway.

The 1% multi-currency card transaction fee will be charged to you by your acquirer as stated in your direct contract with them. The only additional charge is a small transaction fee for clients using our payment gateway. 

Our multi-currency service is always a single fixed percentage fee, as agreed with the acquirer. If you need to use our payment gateway, then there is a "per transaction" charge on top.

No, FXCDirect doesn’t need to be regulated. It works together with multiple regulated financial service providers as a technology solution provider. FXCDirect does not receive merchant funds at any time and therefore is not performing a regulated activity.

No, we can offer a server to server integration. We are also integrated with many shopping carts.

No. A Payment Facilitator typically provides acquiring services to smaller merchants, who may not process enough volume to open a merchant account directly with an Acquirer. A Payment Facilitator will issue an acquiring account for a merchant, under conditions set out by the acquirer, in order to allow processing. The Payment Facilitator is classified as the merchant of record and makes settlements to its sponsored merchants on behalf of the acquirer.

FXCDirect does not sponsor, provide direct acquiring services to, or become involved in the settlement of any monies to merchants. To use the FXCDirect module you must have a merchant ID (MID) provided by an FXCDirect acquiring partner.

No. DCC is defined by Visa as follows: "Dynamic Currency Conversion occurs when the merchant converts the purchase amount from the merchant's currency to the cardholder's local currency, based on the cardholder's payment card account number. The merchant submits the transaction for processing in the converted currency, and typically charges a fee or mark up on the foreign exchange rate".

DCC is typically used when there is no function to display prices in several currencies. For example, in a restaurant, a menu won't be listed in multiple currencies, but at point of payment, the terminal recognizes the card account currency and offers the choice of payment currency.

FXCDirect is designed to display prices in the cardholder's own currency, based on their IP address or location, rather than card account currency - with the choice to override the currency manually if required.


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