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What Is a Hosted Payment Page?

A hosted payment page is a payment page located outside your own website that allows customers to pay for goods or services during the checkout process. By clicking a "Buy Now" button, the shopper is re-directed to this secure payment page where they enter the required payment information.  

How does it work for your customers?

The process is seamless for the customer (they think they're still on your website)

- Customer adds items to their shopping cart and proceeds to checkout
- To pay, customers are redirected to the hosted pay page and enter their card information
- Once the transaction completes, the system generates a transaction receipt (or the hosted pay page can generate one on the business’s behalf).

There are several options for how to integrate our hosted payment pages with your website. We can help you understand the options by outlining how they appear to you customers: 

On-Page Hosting
A more enhanced model involves setting up a hosted pay page directly on the merchant site via an “iFrame.”  This pay page is still managed by the payment solution provider but has a more seamless feel to the customer. Customers are not formally redirected off your website site and they enter their details on your website, but all information is processed through the payment provider.  

Re-Direct Option
The basic model involves a clear re-direct. When the customer clicks a “Buy Now” button, they are notified that they are being sent to a secure payment site for entering payment details. After providing the required information, the user completes checkout and is redirected back to the merchant site for confirmation details. 

What Are the benefits of using FXCDirect Hosted Payment Pages?

Compatibility - We can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of websites.

Reduce costs - In order to accept payments directly on your website, you’d need to be PCI certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which typically costs many thousands of pounds.

Enhanced cardholder security - Credit and debit card information is submitted and processed securely through the hosted pay page.

Reduced merchant liability - Security standards and liability for processing is with FXCDirect.

Limited technical expertise - Setup requires minimal web development and we sort out all the maintenance.

Easy access to transaction reporting - We offer various forms of reporting.

Multiple payment options - You can offer any of the payment methods and currencies that FXCDirect supports.

Customisation - Pages can be customised to look and feel similar to your website.

Using FXCDirect hosted payment pages offers many benefits. Greater security, reduced liability, less compliance headaches and an easier integration. 

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