Reduce your costs by up to 75% and multiply your net profit

In a competitive world, profit is hard won - and yet most businesses accept the high cost of taking card payments online. With our 1% all-in fee, FXCDirect is changing that. In fact everything we do is about saving you the cost of doing business online.

So can we really charge only 1% for the whole transaction?

Yes, we charge just 1% for the whole transaction, including interchange and scheme fees. We do make a small priviso - the operating environment for every business is different and when we crunch the numbers there may be an additional premium. However, even when that's factored in FXCDirect is still way cheaper than the alternatives.

We appreciated putting all your eggs in one basket can be risky but having more than one payment provider spreads the risk.

We are confident you'll be amazed with the difference FXCDirect can make.

Input your data into our profits calculator below or click below and book a call to explore how much we can save you...

Let's see how that compares!

(Based on published rates - September 2020. Use of the FXCDirect payment gateway will incur a small additional pence per transaction fee)

Stripe 2.9%
Paypal 2.9%
WorldPay 2.75%
FXCDirect 1%

Input your data to see what that can do to your profits

Annual online card turnover (cardholder not present)
What percentage of annual online card turnover is domestic transactions?
What percentage of annual online card turnover is international transactions?
How much do you pay for domestic transactions?
How much do you pay for international transactions?
Your current overall cost is

With FXCDirect the cost would be £125,000

(based on 1.5% Domestic Transactions + 1% International Transactions)
Your saving is £175,000
(This is an approximate figure. Book a call for your FREE Online Payment Profitability Report)

Don't tell the big banks

We're changing payments for the better.
And we're starting with the cost.
With our 1% all-in fee, switching to FXCDirect can boost your profits.